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A self-directed, action-oriented professional with over 24 year's experience in education and training professional groomers.

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Bevarly Latham

A short profile & history

I have always loved animals and was raise in a family of animal lover. My grandchildren all love animals too!

As a child I remember bring home every abandoned or injured animal I came across. I also brought home dogs telling my mom "look what followed me home". When in reality I was dragging the poor things by their collar the whole way. I think I was around 10 when I stopped doing that. I just wanted to have them all!!

As an adult I went into dog training and ended up becoming a groomer.

Trained by a master groomer from San Ramon, California, Bevarly has been
successful in the professional pet industry for over 30 years. Most of my education was completed as distance training, similar to the course being offered in this brochure, and there were groomers in my extended family who contributed to my on going education in the pet grooming industry.

Owner of a pet grooming salon in Sonora, California from 1988 till 1999, her past experiences include long time membership in the local kennel club, professional dog training, dog showing, working in pet stores, and pet care talk shows on the radio.I received my training in San Ramon, California from a master groomer.

My experiences include membership in kennel clubs, show dog training, obedience training, show dog grooming as well as local animal related radio talk shows.

  Family Photos

~ My Mom ~


~ Nanny  and  Poppy ~

Grandmother  GrandFather

~ Great Grandpa Salisbury ~

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Great Grandfather

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