The only difference between plans is the cost.
The longer it takes to pay the more it costs!

Course Price

$325.00 + $15.00 S&H 

Payment plans
See Payment Plans below for details

Card cannot expire before the last payment is due!!

Payment Plan 1
$460.00 + $15.00 S&H - $175.00 down - plus 6 more paymants of $50.00

Payment Plan 2
$380.00 + $15.00 S&H - $195.00 down - plus 4 more paymants of $50.00

You can purchase hard copies in addition to the books on CD. The CD and Paper books have the same information. But  the CDs are in color.
No payments accepted for the paper books!


Addition people taking the same course and each person gets their own course and certificate.

 No payments accepted for extra student!

$200.00 each

You can finish the course before payments are complete, but full payment must be made before the certificate is sent.


You may find it hard to believe you can learn grooming through correspondence. This program will change your mind. I contacted many experts in the animal industry. I did years of research to create the best teaching techniques ever put together.

I had to be certain to convey the proper way of grooming and the importance of animal safety. After years studying methods people process information, I was able to put together this highly effective, user friendly program. It works well for everyone, and at a very affordable price! You will be doing "Hands on" grooming with the Basics & Beyond course as your guide.

New groomers love the workbook diagrams as much as the pro do. When you have completed this fantastic program, you will be the professional groomer you knew you could be! And you will have a handsome Certificate Of Graduation to display on your wall.